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Whether you are applying for a Study or Immigration Visa, preparing to achieve the perfect score in an admission test, or needing to polish your English language skills, then SELTS courses are just the thing for you!

Offering a wide range of courses, SELTS allows you to learn and improve your English from anywhere in the World with our state of the art educational system.

SELTS is proud to offer a variety of Online English Language Courses, as well as Campus-based Classes and Round-The-Clock Assistance Services for students.

We bring out the best in every student who registers with us. The courses we offer at SELTS include recorded video/audio with comprehensive Tutor feedback, Tests, Live Group Discussions, Quizzes, and Writing activities on tablets/pads. These include all four skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Our courses are designed to prepare students to achieve a high level of English such as C1 or C2. Whether for Academic, Corporate, Visa or Social purposes - all levels from Beginners to Advanced are taught by us.

We ensure that students achieve the highest score possible in their English Language Tests. Throughout our courses, learners are able to track their own progress online on a daily basis with our tutors’ concise and individual feedback. This enables learners to excel when they do their exam.

Learners have full support from our Tutors who give personalised and tailored feedback, allowing them to excel when they do their exam.

SELTS is an independent educational institute, registered in the UK which offers Online English Language Courses. SELTS has no affiliation with the UKBA/Home Office UK (United Kingdom Border Control) or any informational text used by the UKBA/Home Office UK.


  • New Partner

    We welcome our new partner International School of Business Studies in the United Kingdom, a private college which has been providing excellent educational services to the community for 10 years.
  • SELTS London Campus

    We are running a short Specialised English Language course starting from 13 October, 2014. This course will help students to improve their English Language skills. Students from all over the world are welcome to apply.
  • Good News

    We are now an accredited centre for London Chamber of Commerce International (LCCI) Qualifications. We are also authorised to take LCCI Qualification exams at our centre. For more details, please contact us at
  • Student Verification System

    The SELTS Student Verification Portal is available online and can be accessed by an authorised Assessment Body allowing them to review each learner's ability and progress in English Learning Skills. This feature helps understand the student's individual level and development as the course progresses
  • Get 5% Discount

    Register in any SELTS course and get a 5% discount. If you are applying for Study Visa or Immigration, preparing to achieve the perfect score in an admission test, or simply desiring to polish your English language skills, then a SELTS course is just the thing for you!
  • ISC Research

    The demand for English-speaking schools abroad will double to an estimated 11,300 by 2022, an increase of around 6 million students. The international school market is currently producing £20.8 billion every year, with that figure expected to rise to £30 billion whithin the next 10 years.
  • State of the Art eLearning Portal

    Our state of the art eLearning Portal is easy to use enabling you develop your English Language skills in YOUR own learning style with different modules uncluding: English Grammar | Reading | Writing | Listening | Speaking | interactive Classes
  • SELTS Welcomes Global Partner

    We welcome closer links with educational institutions around the globe, who are interested in delivering our English Language courses at their Campuses. Please contact us for information on how to become a partner. To see our existing partners around the globe;
  • SELTS Practice Test

    Register now for a FREE SELTS Practice Test! Explore SELTS Teaching system - unique with innovative and useful features which will benefit you in many ways. The FREE Practice Test assesses your Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Skills.
  • English Grammar FREE

    SELTS offers 14 Days FREE English Grammar Course. This course covers approximately all the English Grammar Topics, i.e.: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection, Punctuation, Sentences, Modifier, Building Phrase, Building Clause, and many more. 
  • Welcome To SELTS

    SELTS courses are designed to make it convenient for you to learn English in a flexible yet structured way. We aim to provide you with a new way of learning. The Online provision of SELTS makes it unique from other English Language teaching & testing institutes.


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